Mission Statement

The mission of Insightful Ministry is sharing the Good News of the Gospel – that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, has sacrificed Himself on our behalf and that all who believe upon Him and obey His commands will one day share eternity in the Kingdom of the Lord. As a means of opening doors and as a matter of good will, Insightful Ministry will provide primary eye care to underprivileged people, primarily Zambia, Africa. This assistance will be accompanied by Christian campaigns, Bible studies and/or spiritual awareness.

Vision Statement

Insightful Ministry feels compelled by Scripture to serve the “least of these,” and we will do that by providing basic eye care. Insightful Ministry believes that we have been blessed “so that” we may bless others. God shows us that LOVE conquers all and we feel that by sharing and showing that love, His character will be observed and imitated.

Present Plans

Right now we are gearing up for the 2008 trip (May 31 - June 15). We have some of our medical personnel in place but still lack a couple of positions. We are soliciting funds for next year's trip. So if you feel a burden to bring Good News to those seeking to know the Truth or if you have a heart for providing basic medical care to people who desperately need it, please click over to the DONATE tab and help us help them.

Here are some examples of what your donations can do:

• $50 will provide reading glasses for 66 people
• $100 will allow us to hand out much needed eye drops to 26 patients
• $250 will purchase medications to cure basic eye infections in 472 individuals
• $500 will process 1,428 pairs of used prescription glasses (from initial collection all the way to actually fitting them on their face!)
• $1250 will pay for sack lunches for our entire medical team for 7 days
• $3500 will cover travel and lodging for one of our team members

Future Plans

It is our plan to continue making trips as long as we have willing health professionals and the necessary funding.

Extremely Noteworthy:

The process and equipment we make use of during our optical clinics has been developed by Holland Kendall. This man went on a medical mission trip nearly 10 years ago and saw that they were just laying glasses out on a table and having the people try them on until they found a pair that "helped." Obviously this was not only inefficient but a patient would not know their prescription not the prescription of the glasses, so they were doing more harm then good (blurry eyes, headaches, etc.). So Holland, being a computer geek (sorry Holland :)) went about writing software, collecting hardware and building an entire optical process that is portable, reliable and accurate.

This process allows us to read and enter the used prescription glasses into a database (with bar codes and all), then, once in the field, we can use a hand-held autorefractor (along with basic acuity exams) to find the patients prescription and match that to a pair in our inventory - it's quite remarkable and so is his story.

Bottom line: Not only is he a genius, but his HUGE heart for the underprivileged is totally devoted to serving God by making use of his knowledge and experience.

If you want to learn more about him and his process, visit his website at

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